Gojira Announce Release Date For New Album ‘Fortitude’

French heavy metal quartet Gojira have announced the release date for their highly anticipated seventh studio album. Due for release on April 30, Fortitude will be the bands first release since 2015’s Grammy nominated release Magma.

In anticipation of the album’s release, the band released the official video for the album’s first single Born for One Thing on Wednesday night along with the full track list for the upcoming album.

Inspired in part by the works of Tibetan and Thai philosophers, lead guitarist and singer Joe Duplantier described the inspiration behind the track.

“We have to practice detaching ourselves from everything, beginning with actual things,” Duplantier says of the tracks anti-consumerist message.  “Own less possessions, and give what you don’t need away, because one day we’ll have to let everything go, and if we don’t, we’ll just become ghosts stuck between dimensions.”

Watch the video for “Born for One Thing” above and check out the album art and track listing for Fortitude below.

Photo Roadrunner

01 “Born For One Thing”
02 “Amazonia”
03 “Another World”
04 “Hold On”
05 “New Found”
06 “Fortitude”
07 “The Chant”
08 “Sphinx”
09 “Into The Storm”
10 “The Trails”
11 “Grind”

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