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“How Do I Make Myself Heard?” – COVID-19 And A Polarised Public – A Photo Project

Taken between January and March 2021 as Ireland was in the throes of its third COVID-19 wave, the following photo project takes the form of an imagined conversation between two individuals expressing their opposing points of view in relation to the ongoing public health measures introduced at the time to tackle the rising COVID-19 infections. … More

Hot Under The Collar – The Economics of Climate Change in Ireland

A code red for humanity. This was the warning sounded by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s damming report on the extent and widespread effect climate change is currently having on the world. A call for the sustained reduction in carbon emissions, the blame for the ever worsening situation is placed firmly at the feet … More

Runt of the Litter – Is Ireland’s Waste Management Strategy Working?

As the seventh largest producer of waste in the European Union, Ireland’s current system of privatised waste management appears to be failing as reports of littering and illegal dumping continue to rise. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a greater emphasis placed on the outdoors and with it, a debate as to how Ireland is managing … More

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